Two years later, why I still use Gentoo


I have changed over the past two years, and one of those changes have been what I value in a computer. Then why do I still choose to use Gentoo Linux as my daily driver?

A computer monitor with the gentoo logo in the middle
Why I don’t write REST APIs in PHP any more


Writing a REST API is an intensive task that requires the right tool for the job, and I don't think PHP is the right tool for me anymore.

A gravestone with the PHP logo on it
The only tutorial on how to integrate Rust in iOS


If you are wondering why you would even want to integrate rust into an iOS project there are multiple good reasons, but the two reasons why I choose to do so is because it allows me to share a common code base between an iOS app and an Android app.

Make your own PS Vita homebrew with Unity


If you got yourself a PS Vita when they were relevant way back when, you'll be disappointed to see the state the machine is in now. Sony has discontinued production and support for the console, and the store is held on by a thin thread.

A PlayStation Vita with the Unity3D logo on it
Why Gentoo deserves to exist in the modern Linux space


Gentoo Linux is a Linux meta-distribution. A meta-distribution for those who don't know is a Linux distribution that doesn't work out-of-the-box, but rather has the end goal of a functioning Linux system.

An old CRT monitor with the Gentoo logo on it